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Last Executed Tests for Public API

Test NameTest DescriptionSuccess
Price Estimatesreturns an estimated price range for each product offered at a given location - /v1/estimates/price
Productsreturns information about the Uber products offered at a given location - /v1/products
Promotionsreturns information about the promotion that will be available to a new user based on their activity's location - /v1/promotions
Time Estimatereturns ETAs for all products offered at a given location - /v1/estimates/time

Last Executed Tests for Rush API

Test NameTest DescriptionSuccess
GET deliveriesGet a list of all deliveries, ordered chronologically by time of creation - /v1/deliveries
POST deliveries The Delivery endpoint allows a delivery to be requested given the delivery information and quote ID - /v1/deliveries
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